Terms And Conditions
DJ Watani is a platform where you can advertise and promote your music and work and reach a huge audience online through digital devices such as, phones, tablets, laptops etc. and Our promise to the users of DJ Watani App is that we Will provide you with dedicated artist panel where you can enjoy listening to your favorite music through the tap of a button. All artists can create an account which will enable them to upload MP3 files with artwork and this will allow the uploaded music to be instantly available on DJ Watani app, iOS and android. Our team has made this app so that all Afghan music is available to all the Afghans around the world at any time and anywhere, where you can listen to your favourite music online or offline. Promote your music through DJ Watani app get feedback direct from the audiences. Please note, by submitting your work, you acknowledge that you own full permission and copyright of the submitted works and you grant DJ Watani permission to have the work on our website and mobile apps DJ Watani iOS and android.